Whether it’s Broadcast, Web or Print News, ShadowTV Has It Covered

With ShadowTV, you can track breaking news across media, all in one place, so you can be sure to get the stories you need, when you need them, no matter where they appear. With one subscription, you get three integrated services, which combine to provide you with everything you need to monitor important news.


Get real-time coverage of breaking news in one convenient place from all 210 U.S. television DMAs and national cable channels, including select Spanish stations. We offer the largest TV archive in the world, with over nine years of video. Or, listen to radio broadcasts from syndicated news shows and many local radio stations. And it all comes with your subscription.


Interested in what people are saying online about your organization? Get all of your relevant online news in one place, with coverage from over 10 million websites (yes, including your Google News Alerts). We even monitor over a million social media sites, including Twitter. And it all comes with your subscription.


No need to worry about print media coverage. Get customized news alerts from over 10,000 national and local online news sites. And it all comes with your subscription.