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Competitve Edge
ShadowTV Webcasting supports a full spectrum of streaming, ranging from the highest quality broadband Internet connections to dial-up 56K modem users. Therefore, the quality of the audio remains unaffected by the connection speed.

ShadowTV® Webcasting
Other services
Play video with no downloads or plug-ins Yes Limited
Enable video to be rewound, paused or fast-forwarded Yes Limited
Serve interactive content that is synchronized with the video Yes Limited
Monitor how many people watch streams Yes n/a
Provide random access to live or archived broadcast Yes n/a
Enable immediate e-mail notification of relevant programming Yes n/a
Ability to e-mail video clips in real time Yes n/a
Archive all TV broadcast Yes Limited
Search archived or live TV by key word and/or time/date Yes n/a
Serve personalized commercials anywhere in video Yes n/a
Deliver user-customized alerts to a variety of portable devices Yes n/a

Secure Content Control:
Total control of video– viewer never has possession of video.

NO peer to peer distribution.

Control casting to a specific region.

Identify what is being watched.

Utilizing an easy to use, no-latency delivery system encourages purchase and deters piracy.

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